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Chess Strategy

A manual for training and praxis

by Leonid Nikolaev
Kiev 2006

Translation and adaptation by Maurizio Camangi and O. Strelnikova
Leonid Nikolaev, International Master and first instructor of the "Avangard" chess academy, has authored this booklet with 200 positions, either from the "Classics" of the past and also from modern games, all and only about strategic motifs.

His endeavor wants to fill up a gap: whilst it is very easy to find so many training books about tactics and combinational motifs, when it comes to strategy - a work purely focused on positional motifs - it is quite the opposite.
Herein solutions are not "White (or Black) to move and win", with mate or material advantage, but rather moves to gain a positional advantage.
Intended for titled players (1st Category and Candidate Master) the benefits provided by this approach have been proved on the field throughout the training sessions by the author himself, at the "Avangard" chess academy.

This translation wants to be accurate as much as possible, fixing some error found in the original version, which has been enriched by a PGN database (more details).


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